OnePlus has made some missteps in the last year as it slowly rolled out the OnePlus One. For those who were able to buy the invite-only phone, the lacking customer service was a common complaint. According to a new post on the OnePlus blog, they've been working to fix that and have made good progress. So if you could please stop yelling at them, they'd appreciate it.


The long waits to have issues addressed irked a great many buyers in recent months, reaching about 200 hours for a first reply late last year. Apparently that's been fixed by hiring a lot more people. The customer service department is now the largest one at the company, and has grown 4500% since launch. I will note, though, the chart illustrating this point has no scale on the Y axis. Maybe they had one guy in Q1 and now there are 45. The new staff has allowed OnePlus to get response times down to nine hours. The industry average is about a day.

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Numbers aren't everything, so the company is also working to make sure agents are trained better. Everyone gets three days of training, then they are paired up with a senior employee before flying solo. OnePlus says customer satisfaction is up 20% this year in response to the changes. You should also have shorter wait times for RMAs and repairs. OnePlus is shooting for 7-day turnaround here, but it's not clear where they are right now.

Let's just hope this all continues when the OnePlus Two (or whatever it's called) comes out.