Google's animated commercials filled with dozens of avatars from the Androidify app are always fun to watch. The latest ad specifically targets the booming smartphone market in India, by showing off the Android One series of low-cost devices and highlighting their recent upgrade to Lollipop 5.1. (Breathe it in, One owners: you get 5.1 before the Nexus 9.) The new ad was posted to Google India's YouTube page this morning.

The commercial is pretty basic, following the formula from previous entries in the series: start off slow, rude interruption, rock out. A few minutes of incompetent transliteration on Google tells me that the song is a more poppy version of "Koi Yahan Aha Nache Nache" from the 1982 Bollywood movie Disco Dancer. Based on the video of the original, I may have to watch the entire thing despite not knowing a single word of Hindi.

Dear God, the frills!

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