Steven Universe is one of the four Crystal Gems that fight to keep the world safe from evil. Except in this case, Steven kind of screwed the pooch, accidentally unleashing a huge monster that threatens the exact planet he's trying to keep safe. So now, in a new mobile game available on Google Play, he and the other three Gems (Amethyst, Garnet, and Pearl―but you can think of them as people) must journey forth to defeat it and the light creatures they've inadvertently summoned.

The game's name, suitably, is Steven Universe: Attack the Light. It was developed by Grumpyface Studios, who worked with series' creator Rebecca Sugar to produce the title.

Gameplay consists of good old-fashioned turn-based combat, but how and when you tap impacts how much damage your characters dish out. Throughout the adventure, you will level up, learn new skills, and acquire valuable items. It should all sound familiar for fans of role-playing games. This one just happens to star a popular cartoon character.

If you're hoping for a game that's faithful to its source material and doesn't contain in-app purchases, you're in luck. As usual, Cartoon Network just wants you to pay one upfront price for the full experience. Steven Universe: Attack the Light goes for $2.99.

Attack the Light
Attack the Light
Developer: Cartoon Network
Price: $2.99