April 1st isn't the safest time to browse tech blogs on the web. One third of all of the posts that go up are likely a fake (this one, though, is entirely legitimate). Yet while Facebook's latest app looks like it could be a joke—it isn't. Riff is a collaborative way for friends to make videos with one another using the social network.

Riff1 Riff2 Riff3

Riff lets you shoot a clip that's up to 20 seconds long and share it for others to see. There are no editing tools, nor can you upload videos from outside of the app. You can only record, hope for the best, review the end result, and submit.

The goal isn't to collect the most likes. Instead, users are encouraged to add their own clips. This way friends collaborate to create a series of videos all built around a common theme. Only friends can contribute to a video, encouraging the project to spread through a community rather than the global public.


The app is free to use, but a Facebook account is obviously required. Get started by hitting up the widget below.

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