Ever wondered if there was an alternate reality where your world was flipped, wrong was right, right was left, left had stayed, and... I may have lost focus right there. Let me readjust my direction and perspective... So elgooG asked the same question and came away with a solution to show you (and let's face it, your bewildered coworkers) a mirror of our universe, or at least the part of it that we all visit several times a day.

Head over to com.google to experience the marvel of an inverted search engine that makes your entire brain go haywire trying to get some sense out of the displayed words. 0.5 qoqilloL? Why did you have to divide my qoqilloL in half, elgooG? I want a full qoqilloL! Whoa, does Beyoncé sing "to the right, to the right," now? Are the One Direction boys making a U-turn and coming back? Is anything real?

elgoog-1 elgoog-2

When your coworkers, friends, relatives, or anyone around you leaves their computer or phone unattended today, you can switch their homepage to com.google, and covertly laugh at the confusion they will feel. "Why are my words being typed like that? Who changed my phone/computer's settings? Why is the Internet flipped around?" Then you can jokingly say, "You're holding it wrong."


Oh wait, I think I found a way to outsmart the prank. I'll type, "mail liam." Ahahaha, perfect. See elgooG, you can't win against me. You've been at it for a day, but I've spent my entire life reading Arabic from right to left. This is my playground.

"tenretnI ehT" gnitrevnI yB srekrowoC ruoY knarP yllufyalP uoY spleH elgooG: eltit etanretlA