When HTC announced the RE camera, an inhaler-shaped device that lacks a viewfinder of its own, it seemed like great fodder for an April Fools joke. But no, that product was real, and it actually exists.

So what has the Taiwanese manufacturer come up with as a truly absurd product, something even it wouldn't consider turning into reality? Why, the RE Sok.


This product brings notifications to your ankles so you can see them when you're changing shoes. Not wearing shoes? Not switching them at the moment? Tough. Your ankle's vibrating regardless. Better bend over.

How good are these things as socks? With built-in GPS, you shouldn't have to spend as much time searching for matching pairs. You also receive an alert whenever the Sok detects a hole forming. Unfortunately, the product is neither machine nor hand washable. The HTC Re Sok also only comes in black.

HTC hasn't provided a price on the RE Sok's product page. Ultimately, it's for the best.