Viber is one of numerous services that offer free messaging and calls using your phone's data connection. It's got a few hundred million downloads (no big deal, right?), and at least some of those people will be happy to hear there's Android Wear support now. Oh, and some other stuff.


Here's the changelog for the newest version of Viber.

  • Become an Admin and manage your group chats; edit info and delete participants
  • Android Wear support – send and receive messages from your watch
  • Clearer contact info – see a person’s name and photo when you interact, even if they’re not saved in your contact list
  • Public Chat enhancements

Android Wear watches don't have speakers right now, so you're obviously not making VoIP calls on your wrist. The Wear support is for Viber messaging. You can also become the administrator of a chat to remove troublemakers and edit info. Contact info is a little easier to access across the entire app as well.