It's easy to forget that Opera is still out there with all the talk of Chrome and Firefox, but it's still a capable browser. Even more so after it switched to a Chromium base a while back. The beta version of Opera is getting an update today, and it's based on a new version of Chromium with a few added features.


Here's the changelog for the new Opera beta.

  • Tab synchronization: new view for synced tabs, new layout in Tab manager
  • Improved Text wrap
  • 64-bit support
  • New progress bar
  • Opera Turbo replaces Off-road mode
  • Upgrade to Chromium 42
  • Various stability and usability improvements

The 64-bit support isn't going to make a ton of difference right now as there are almost no Android devices with 64-bit cores. Still, it might be nice for that shiny new Galaxy S6 or whatever you have. The other changes are minor, but noticeable if you've been using Opera long. The change from Off-road to Turbo seems to just be a branding switch, though.

These features should come to the stable release before long as well.

Opera browser beta
Opera browser beta
Developer: Opera
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