Samsung and HTC have already presented their flagships for 2015, and it will soon be LG's turn. The South Korean company just sent out "save the date" emails announcing an event on April 28th. Notice anything interesting? Yep, that looks like leather.


The line emblazoned on the leather, "See the great, feel the great," probably indicates leather will be incorporated into the design somehow. It would be strange to only offer leather, though. It's not as durable as plastic and the cost is higher for anything of reasonable quality. Motorola gets away with it by letting you choose whether you want the added cost of leather backs.

LG is rumored to be considering a Snapdragon 808 instead of the 810 because of heat issues with the latter. We'll find out what it has in store in just a few weeks. One thing we can say for certain, there will be leather or something that at least looks like it.