Most people have been tethered to a single phone number across the span of years and multiple carriers. Maybe you don't want to give that number out to both friends and business acquaintances, though. Flyp is a new app that lets you use multiple numbers on your phone, each of which can be assigned a different purpose.

Flyp seeks to stand out from the crowd by making its extra numbers more full featured and less "disposable" than burner services like Hushed. Each number has its own voicemail, text messages, SMS quick replies, and sound profiles. You can set some numbers to be silent, but allow others to ring through. This all happens over your data connection, of course. Actually, they are conventional phone numbers, so you don't need a data connection to use Flyp.

So, you might have one number for friends and family, another for work, and one you give out to people you don't like. You can get one free number from Flyp for life, but the area code is assigned randomly and you can't customize the voicemail. Up to five additional premium numbers can be secured for $2.99 per month or $29.99 per year each.

Flyp - Multiple Phone Numbers
Flyp - Multiple Phone Numbers
Developer: GetFlyp
Price: Free+