Firefox 37 is the latest stable update to grace the open source web browser. It introduces new locales (Albanian, Burmese, Lower Sorbian, Songhai, Upper Sorbian, and Uzbek), changes the default search provider to Yandex for Turkish users, and improves download performance thanks to alterations in the back-end.

The most visible change for most users is likely a tweak to the URL bar, which now shows a website's address instead of its title by default.

Firefox1 Firefox2

Left: Old default behavior, Right: New default behavior

If you don't like this change, you can switch back to the old behavior in the app's settings.

The changelog contains quite a few more items, though most of them are rather boring. You can browse through them at your own pace below.

What's new:

  • NEW Locales added: Albanian [sq], Burmese [my], Lower Sorbian [dsb], Songhai [son], Upper Sorbian [hsb], Uzbek [uz]
  • NEW Yandex set as default search provider for the Turkish locale
  • NEW Improved download performance with new download manager back-end
  • NEW Improved protection against site impersonation via OneCRL centralized certificate revocation
  • NEW Opportunistically encrypt HTTP traffic where the server supports HTTP/2 AltSvc
  • CHANGED URL bar now displays page address instead of page title by default
  • CHANGED Disabled insecure TLS version fallback for site security
  • CHANGED Extended SSL error reporting for reporting non-certificate errors
  • CHANGED TLS False Start optimization now requires a cipher suite using AEAD construction
  • CHANGED Improved certificate and TLS communication security by removing support for DSA
  • CHANGED Android home screen shortcut now opens existing tab instead of new tab
  • HTML5 Added support for CSS display:contents
  • HTML5 IndexedDB now accessible from worker threads
  • HTML5 OpenH264 support added to WebRTC for Android
  • HTML5 New SDP/JSEP implementation in WebRTC