Last week we reported that Amazon's Android-powered streaming set-top boxes were getting a substantial update with a handful of much-appreciated new features. According to this Amazon page, the updates for the Fire TV and the cheaper Fire TV Stick are whooshing across the Internet to owners right now. To check for a manual download, head to System, About, then select "check for System Update." Here's all the new stuff for the Fire TV:

New and Enhanced Features:

  • USB Storage - If you are running out of space on your Amazon Fire TV, attach a USB flash drive for more space to install games and apps. For more information, go to About USB Storage for Amazon Fire TV.
  • New Bluetooth Accessory Compatibility - You can connect some Bluetooth accessories, like a keyboard, third-party Bluetooth remote, mouse, or headphones, to your Amazon Fire TV. For more information, go to Connect a Bluetooth Accessory to Your Amazon Fire TV.
  • Public Wi-Fi Compatibility - If you are traveling or using a Wi-Fi connection that requires a web browser to sign in, you can still connect your Amazon Fire TV device. For more information go to Connect Your Amazon Fire TV Device to a Public Wi-Fi Network.
  • Secure PIN Entry - We updated the parental PIN entry to make it more secure. You no longer scroll through numbers. Instead, you use the directional navigation and Select button to discreetly enter your PIN.
  • Quick Access Menu - You can quickly access Settings, Sleep, a clock, and Display Mirroring without navigating through several menus. To open the Quick Access Menu, press and hold the Home button on your Amazon remote until the menu comes up (about five seconds).
  • Prime Music Search - You no longer need to add Prime Music to your library from another device in order to listen to it on your Amazon Fire TV device. Search for and listen to any music that is in the Prime Music catalog.
  • Third-Party App Videos - We made it easier to watch movies and TV shows on other apps. Depending on which compatible apps you have installed, when you purchase or rent a video the buy option will be set to that third-party app. You can always select other options with More Ways to Watch.
  • Easy Restart - For troubleshooting purposes, you can restart your Amazon Fire TV device without unplugging the device. Go to Settings > System > Restart.

The Fire TV Stick update ( includes all the same stuff, minus Bluetooth accessory support and USB storage, since the smaller, cheaper device doesn't have compatible hardware. Enjoy your new goodies, Fire TV owners.