One thing that Facebook has not been well-equipped to deal with is children. No, I don't mean teenagers. Most users are familiar with the barrage of photos that accompany each birth in the family of a Facebook friend, which often involves a mess of tagging of one or both parents in every baby photo. For parents themselves, they struggle sorting out photos of their sons and daughters unless they just dedicate albums to the children specifically. Now, Facebook is rolling out an optional set of features to make the process smoother for all involved.


Facebook is showing their devotion to inclusivity by even serving the children of iPhone owners. It's not the baby's fault!

The main facet of the baby-related updates is that you can tag your own child in photos now. More importantly, only the parents can do this tagging, so you have control over the documentation of your own offspring. Parents can decide what name the tag will carry, allowing some measure of anonymity, though I should be clear that these updates are far from an initiative devoted to privacy.

A big reason we post all this stuff on Facebook is for the ability to look back and relive those memories. This is also one of the biggest sources of frustration when you have pictures of your child that cannot be tagged. And rather than put your child's photos together like it is just another profile, Facebook will create a "scrapbook" for parents to look at them, which can only be viewed by approved friends of the parents.

The feature set becomes available today on desktop and Android. To learn more about how to get started with Scrapbooks, check out the Facebook help page. To get started, you'll need to create an entry in the "family" section of your profile for your child. You should see an "add scrapbook" option next to each child, after which you can take it from there.