While MediaTek has become one of the dominant forces in the budget end of the mobile processing market, they are now starting to push upward. Just a year after making its first 64-bit SoC, MediaTek has announced a new 64-bit series called Helio X. These will be octa-core, LTE-capable units that support the industry's latest top-end features like 4K, H.265 video, 120 Hz refresh rates, and 1080p video capture at 480 frames per second.

At this juncture, MediaTek has introduced just one Helio X series processor. The first is the octa-core ARM Cortex-A53 Helio X10, also known as MT6795W, which will have a 28nm process and speeds up to 2.2 GHz. It will release in April, according to MediaTek. This is going to be a powerful processor, but the X10 will not be the one that knocks off Qualcomm. The specs are decidedly outdated, more or less.

Still, MediaTek says more is to come from this line. While specific model numbers and the like have not yet been determined, the Chinese manufacturer says 20nm models with ARM Cortex-A72 architecture are on the way. These are where you will be seeing those impressive features like 480 fps capture, which would put to the shame the best on the consumer market right now. Some of these will be badged as Helio P, as well.

With disappointment growing over Qualcomm's latest release, the Snapdragon 810, this may be the best time in quite a while for competitors like MediaTek and Intel to make inroads into the major flagship devices. It's pretty clear that this is what MediaTek is trying to do with the Helio X and Helio P series.