Perhaps you spent the weekend cursing the name Android Police because our rumor about changes to Google+ Photos last week didn't pan out. Well, it did, actually. It just took a few days more than expected. Google is adding support for Google+ Photos to the Drive app, but it's not usurping Google+.


Google's blog post on the changes isn't as clear as you might like, but here's what we know. An update is rolling out to Drive that adds a folder for all your Google photos and videos. This will start showing up today for new uploads, and within a week or two for your entire catalog. You will also be able to create folders and organize the photos from Drive.

The Photos app is not going away, and it will continue to be integrated with Google+. It's not clear if the Drive app is getting any auto-backup functionality, but the current update appears to be a server-side change. Backup features would probably require a new APK. Stay tuned.