If our readers are anything like our writers, then there's a definite dearth of available USB chargers at their desks, nightstands, and hotel bedrooms. Here's a cheap way to charge a ton of devices quickly, on sale today from Amazon for just thirteen bucks. The EasyAcc 5-port adaptor will let you charge five phones, tablets, smartwatches, portable power packs, and what have you at once. With a power output of 40 watts and two 2.4-volt ports, it should be able to handle a few high-capacity gadgets as well.

charger 2

The regular price is $17.99 (off of a "retail price" of $37, but these accessories are always inflated on Amazon). Put the coupon code "CSUUPDTW" into the field on the checkout page to save an extra five dollars, bringing the final price all the way down to $12.99. If you need to charge even more gadgets, you can add multiple EasyAcc chargers and get the same discount on each one. Keep in mind that this charger doesn't include compatibility with Qualcomm Quick Charge or its competitors, but you'll still be able to charge gadgets at the normal rate.

charger 1

As usual, Amazon is offering free two-day shipping to Prime users with this discount. If you're a little short, don't worry - these things tend to go on sale on a regular basis.