HTC's Vice President of Industrial Design, Jonah Becker, has stepped down from his position and is leaving the company. His departure takes place less than a year after the company's former lead designer, Scott Croyle, did the same.

Daniel Hundt will fill Becker's position. All three were part of One & Co, a company HTC acquired towards the end of 2008.

Croyle left HTC just as the M8 was coming to market. Becker's timing coincides with the release of the M9. A betting man could toss out a guess on how long Hundt might stick around, but I've never been particularly fond of gambling.

Becker's announcement comes a week after Cher Wang stepped up to become the new CEO, filling a void left by Peter Chou, who is transiting over to be head of HTC's Future Development Lab.

We'll see what changes these shakeups have on the company's product line as more devices come to market later in the year.