Nearly two years after Expensify's last major version number change, the expenses-tracking app has hit 5.0. Like any x.0 release worth its weight, users are treated to a substantial visual overhaul. And don't worry, the company's covering it.

Expensify's former home screen is gone. Developers have crammed the same content into a new tab bar and a launcher button at the bottom of the app. It still looks more iOS than Android, but folks who prefer things at this end of the phone will be happy not to have to reach up as often anymore.

The latest version fits more information onto the screen, allowing you to browse through most items and switch between expenses, reports, trips, and settings without having to load up another page.

What's new:

Expensify Nation rejoice - the UX upgrade you’ve been waiting for is here!
We’ve ditched the old home screen and told it to never come back. Ever. Now we have a big plus button that’ll create your expenses. It's easy & familiar. Like riding a bike... if your bike was a self-driving, SmartScanning rocket.

We've also added:

  • Thoughtful onboarding
  • Meticulous GPS
  • Friendly empty states
  • SAML support for the authentication enthusiasts out there

All bugs were harmed in the making of this release.

The source link below details the changes. Expensify focuses on the iOS version of the app, but since the Android release is largely the same, it hardly matters.

Expensify - Expense Reports
Expensify - Expense Reports