DoorDash gets food from a local restaurant to your door without you having to check the establishment's website to see if the place delivers. Just fire up the app, do a quick search, and place your order. You can browse through menus and track deliver through status updates. Payments are handled through the app.

Since 2013, the service has been an iOS exclusive. Now it's available in the Play Store. (It's about time. I placed the order a year ago.)

You may be pleased to know that Doordash supports more areas than just San Francisco. Options in other states include Boston, Brooklyn, Chicago, and Washington D.C. California remains the most represented, with Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Jose joining San Francisco. Silicon Valley is even listed separately.

My metro doesn't make the list. There's a good chance yours doesn't either. But if you're one of the millions of people who live in the locations listed above, you can have at the app in the link below.

DoorDash - Food Delivery
DoorDash - Food Delivery
Developer: DoorDash
Price: Free