Final Fantasy Record Keeper has been out for a bit in Japan, and now it's opening up to a larger market, overwhelming even more players with heavy doses of unapologetic 90s nostalgia (and some from the early 2000s). The game lets you relive Final Fantasy highlights using a combination of your favorite heroes shrunken down into cute, little sprites.

Have you ever argued over whether Cloud and Squall had the cooler sword? Do you consider Ronso prettier than Wookies? Can you actually tell all of the Cids apart? This game might just be your dream come true, as long as you're not put off by the F word.

Record Keeper centers around jumping into the memories—records—of the best scenes from the series, reliving them before they disappear for good. You get to build a party, customize their equipment and skills, then engage in good old-fashioned combat through the Active Time Battle system. This is not a port of past levels; it's a retelling.

This title comes to us from Square Enix and DeNA, the company Nintendo is partnering with to bring some of its licenses to mobile platforms. The game is a freemium experience through and through (yes, that F word), with in-game currency and a stamina system. But the right player can navigate through all of that without paying a cent. How much are these memories worth to you?

Developer: DeNA Corp.
Price: Free+