Samsung has announced official US availability dates for the Galaxy S6, and they might sound rather familiar. Just like the HTC One M9, you can pre-order the new Galaxy tomorrow (March 27th) and pick one up on April 10th. The exact details will vary by carrier, but already both AT&T and T-Mobile have announced pre-orders for tomorrow. Other carriers haven't announced official details yet, but I expect it won't be long.


T-Mobile will be accepting pre-orders tomorrow with the 32GB Galaxy S6 priced at $28.33 per month for 24 months ($679.92 total). The Galaxy S6 Edge on T-Mobile will be $32.49 per month for 24 months or $779.76. The 32GB Galaxy S6 on AT&T will cost $22.84 per month, and the Edge version will be $27.17 per month on Next24. Note, it takes 30 months to pay off a phone on Next24. The "24" part is just when you can trade it in, which makes so much sense I can hardly breathe. Thanks, AT&T. The total price of the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge on AT&T will be $685.20 and $815.10, respectively.

To sweeten the deal, T-Mobile is also offering one year of basic Netflix to anyone who pre-orders the Galaxy S6 (deal ends 4/12). Samsung is also bundling a few premium subscriptions with the phone itself. You'll be able to see a Galaxy S6 in person at most carrier stores and some retailers in the US like Best Buy starting tomorrow.