Pity the poor Verizon customer, whose options for user-moddable Android phones are more limited than any other US carrier. It's particularly cruel, then, that Verizon tends to get some awesome Motorola exclusives in the DROID line. 2014's entry is the DROID Turbo, which is basically the Nexus 6 crammed down into the 5.2-inch body of the second-gen Moto X, plus the usual DROID Kevlar styling and an enormous 3900mAh battery. Oh, and a locked bootloader that makes root and custom ROMs difficult.


But as often happens with high-profile, locked-down phones, someone has found a way around it. Someone associated with the Disekt computer security team has released a tool called MOFOROOT, which was updated to work with the DROID Turbo yesterday. First of all: this is a paid tool. If paying someone $20 for developing a piece of software for your $650 phone bothers you, go ahead and stop reading right here. Still with me? Good, then head over to the MOFO site and check out the various warnings and instructions for the Windows Command Prompt tool. 

The root method uses MOFO to flash a pre-rooted ROM to the DROID Turbo, and right now the only one available is a rooted version of Motorola's stock KitKat build. (You can make your own image if you're up to it - perhaps CyanogenMod 12 for the non-Verizon Moto Maxx could be adapted?) That might be worth the trouble for someone who really wants to use root tools, but keep in mind that the bootloader will still be locked... which could create problems when trying to update to the upcoming Lollipop 5.1 release. The rooted image also has write protection enabled, which will cause problems with a lot of the more powerful root apps. A thoughtful user might want to wait for someone to prepare a pre-rooted version of 5.1, or if you're the hopeful type, wait for a full bootloader unlock method (which eventually happened for most of the previous Motorola DROIDs).

If none of that dissuades you, grab the software from the MOFO link below and follow the instructions at XDA. Here's an instruction video if you'd like something a little more step-by-step.