Do you ever feel like there's a lot of interesting news shared by your friends on Facebook and Twitter, but you can't possibly read it all or figure out what's most relevant? I don't blame you. Nuzzel is a unique kind of news aggregator that creates an easier to manage feed based on what your friends have shared. After about a year on the web and iOS, Nuzzel has finally made its way to the Play Store.

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Nuzzel is fairly easy to use and is a nice balance of simplicity and configurability. You can organize the feed by popularity or recency in addition to specifying the time period it looks through. If you're not liking what you're seeing, you can expand your search to friends of friends. You can also browse the Nuzzel feeds of any contacts who are using the service.

At this point, Nuzzel connects to Twitter and Facebook only; no Google Plus, LinkedIn, etc. Google tends not to share Plus APIs, so this could be the explanation for that. Some other social networks are not so driven by link sharing and so would not work well with Nuzzel. You can connect Pocket and Instapaper accounts as well, though I couldn't see what that did for me since they would be present in the share menu regardless. It may just be an artifact of porting from iOS, where app intents are a brand new feature.

You have two options for reading articles in the app. By default, they open up in the in-app browser. I didn't have any particular problems with this. Your other choice is to render the article in plain text, much like Pocket/Instapaper. This worked really well in my trial, too.

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By tapping on the area on the bottom where you see the number 2 and the profile pictures, you bring up the interface seen on the far right image above (or the last image, if you're reading on mobile). You can see who shared it in addition to the context of that sharing. For instance, many people will share an article with a short comment that might affect the way you interpret it - or the person sharing it.

While many people have highly specialized, idiosyncratic workflows for following the news, many others don't. If you're in that latter group, you may want to check out Nuzzel.

Nuzzel: News for Busy Professionals
Nuzzel: News for Busy Professionals