Alright, we're only posting this because the original OnePlus "game changer" announcement was so infuriatingly vague. During a Reddit Ask Me Anything session, OnePlus forum administrator David S. stated that the upcoming gaming-related device from the maker of the OnePlus One will be a drone. Yes, a drone - presumably one that flies around and does stuff.


What David meant by a "gaming drone" isn't entirely clear. But of course, it's possible that he's trolling (read: lying) and OnePlus intends to release something more conventional, as we speculated in the original news post. But frankly the history of logic-defying marketing decisions from OnePlus is so balls-out insane that we're hesitant to rule anything out. It could be a combination of OnePlus hardware with this terrible Kickstarter campaign.

The OnePlus "game changer" announcement is scheduled for sometime in April. Try to contain your enthusiasm.

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