Mobile Passport, an app approved by US Customs and Border Protection, is built by Airside Mobile Inc. to streamline entry into the US (for US citizens and visiting Canadians) by submitting customs and passport info using a mobile device, bypassing the usual (long) line.

When we first covered Mobile Passport in February, it was only ready for takeoff at one airport: Atlanta's ATL.

Now, it looks like Mobile Passport is expanding to two more airports including MIA in Miami, and SEA in Seattle.

Of course it's worth reiterating that - for those who can use the app - a passport is still required for identification, so while the Mobile Passport app may not exactly be a magical solution that allows anyone to breeze right through the customs process, it's at least nice to see some sort of forward motion on making the process of visiting or coming back home to the US a little easier.

Mobile Passport
Mobile Passport
Developer: Airside Mobile Inc.
Price: Free+