Android for Work is Google's initiative to get on the good side of enterprise administrators. The feature offers a split personality mode for your device, giving users a dual lineup of apps - one copy for personal use and one for business use. The "for work" profiles are built on Android's default encryption and SELinux in cooperation with Android's multi-user support (which came to phones with 5.0).

In an exhaustive review for Ars Technica, AP alumnus Ron Amadeo has put Android for Work through its paces, detailing everything from the somewhat nightmarish plate of spaghetti that is Google's online Apps administration console to the for Work Play Store, to leaving your company and cutting ties with your for Work profile.

The piece is definitely worth a read for those curious about Google's big enterprise feature. The review concludes that Android for Work, despite a current lack of paid apps and a too-complicated setup process, is the best "dual-persona" option out there right now. Hit the link to read more.