Last year the XBMC project changed its name to Kodi, giving the media manager a much-needed fresh start considering how it has long since expanded past its original Xbox roots. Yatse is a popular remote app for use with the platform that recently got a spiffy material redesign.

Fast forward several months, and Yatse has disappeared from the Play Store (though you can still find the unlocker and several plugins).

You know how the story goes. One minute your app's sitting on Google Play, making you money. The next the Big G pulls it down seemingly out of nowhere, leaving you with a semi-cryptic justification.

In a Google+ post, developer Tolriq Yatse shares the explanation he received: "Violation of the intellectual property and impersonation or deceptive behavior provisions of the Content Policy."

While that gets sorted out, you can still grab the remote from the Amazon Appstore.

I know it's not the same.

And now Yatse's back in the Play Store where it belongs. The takedown apparently had to do with the use of copyrighted images (such as TV shows) in screenshots. The developer asserts that this was not the case. You can read his account of the experience over on Google+.

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