Android Auto is finally here! Sort of. It's available in exactly one (incredibly expensive) car stereo at the moment, meaning that there are probably more active users of the Nexus Q right now. But that isn't stopping some responsible developers from adding the support for the new hardware into their apps, and today popular podcast manager BeyondPod joins them. The latest beta version, available as a direct download or via the Play Store beta system, works with Google's automotive electronics push.

2015-03-25 17.27.59

I'd love to show you a photo of BeyondPod working with Android Auto, but of course I don't have one of those Pioneer head units or a compatible car. This beta also includes the option to automatically delete all the episodes you've played when you update your feeds. That should be a major boon to anyone who regularly runs low on internal storage space. You'll need to enable the option under the Advanced Settings menu, accessible from the drop-down menu in the main Settings screen.

Other changes include better support for Android 5.1, automatically updated feed cover images, and a handful of other bug fixes. BeyondPod is a free download with all features unlocked for a week, after which features like Chromecast support and faster playback speed require a $7 upgrade.