Personally, I'm usually not a secure lock screen user. Very rare is the occasion that my phone is out of my sight, so I usually just breeze right past the lock screen. But after a tip from a reader, I'm giving the lock screen a second look on Android 5.1. For users who rely on a pattern-based lock, Android 5.1 has yet another delightful detail - a new animation after a successful unlock. Now, the pattern dots float up more elegantly, gently rolling into the transition that delivers the home screen. The dots have animated in gracefully since 5.0, so it's nice to see their out animation catch up.

Check it out next to the Lollipop 5.0 transition below.

Left: Android 5.0, Right: Android 5.1

As we've seen over the past few weeks, Android 5.1 is absolutely crawling with new details and tweaks - I'm sure this fun new lock screen animation isn't the last one we'll find.

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