Developer Chris Lacy has pushed out another update to Action Launcher, bumping the software up to version 3.3. Just over a month has passed since the last major release, and plenty of new features have crept in during that time.

One of the most visual changes is the ability for Quicktheme — which lets Action Launcher match your wallpaper like a chameleon — to integrate with live wallpapers. This is done through an open source API that requires changes on the live wallpaper side of the equation in order to work.

Action1 Action2

Action Launcher 3.3 introduces a fully customizable gesture and shortcut system. This lets you assign different actions to motions such as swiping from a side of the screen or triple tapping on the home button. It provides an alternative to opening apps from a folder or pulling down quick toggles, functionality that people hopping over from Nova might find familiar.

The changes hardly stop there. Just like last time, the list is long enough to break down into two columns. Here you go.

  • NEW: Live wallpaper API support, enabling Quicktheme to reliably work with live wallpaper apps. For an example of this in action, check out the excellent Minima Pro.
  • NEW: Shortcuts & gestures (Settings -> Shortcuts) both expanded and fully customizable. Gestures supported include: single/double/triple tap Home button; double/triple tap empty space; swipe up single/two fingers; swipe down single/two fingers; swipe left screen edge/swipe leftmost Home screen/swipe right screen edge/swipe rightmost Home screen; and pinch in/out.
  • NEW: Ability to configure action taken by a gesture. Actions include load an app, load a shortcut, toggle All Apps, toggle Quickdrawer, toggle Quickpage, open Action 3 settings, display overview mode, lock/unlock desktop, lock device, open recents, open notifications, open text search and open voice search.
  • NEW: When searching, use Google search box overlay instead of switching into the Google app. Can be changed via (Settings -> Shortcuts -> Global search mode).
  • NEW: As requested, an additional Donate option has been added for people who are so inclined (Settings -> Help -> Donate).
  • NEW: Animate to/from the All Apps background color when opening/closing All Apps (requires Android 5.0 or later).
  • NEW: Home screen indicators updated to match Android 5.1's style.
  • NEW: Allow importing of Action 3 layouts by other launchers. Thanks Kevin from Nova for the prod here.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Gesture detection works over icons as well as empty space.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Shortcuts to open notification panel works on Samsung devices running Android 5.x (requires granting access to the Accessibility system unfortunately).
  • IMPROVEMENT: Size and positioning of Google search widget perfectly matches with the Google app on tablets.
  • IMPROVEMENT: "Remove Shutter" option is available both when picking up and putting down a Shutter and from the overflow menu.
  • CHANGE: No longer default to opening Google Now when swiping right on leftmost Home screen. This option can be configured via Settings -> Shortcuts -> Leftmost Home screen -> Search.
  • CHANGE: Increase default double/triple tap delay to 275 milliseconds.
  • FIX: Use light touch effect when Up button is pressed in Settings.
  • FIX: If a Shutter/folder is open on the Quickpage, don't close Shutter/folder and Quickpage with the same swipe gesture.
  • FIX: Fix behavior oddities when changing settings via the "Action 3 Settings" All Apps item.
  • FIX: Misc. stability fixes.

Action Launcher: Pixel Edition
Action Launcher: Pixel Edition