Square released Cash a while back to make it easier to send and receive money on your mobile device, but now it's even easier with "$Cashtags." Get it? It's like a hashtag, but for money. You know some marketing manager was giddy after coming up with that. It's not all fun and games, though. Cash now also supports businesses with an option called Cash Pro.


You can sign up for a Cashtag by installing or updating the Cash app. It will allow you to choose any text you want, but it should make sense. For example, Wikipedia is $Wikipedia. That tag then connects to a cash.me page so people can go there to send you money. You can also send money from the Cash app by searching for Cashtags.

Cash continues to be free for personal transfers, but the new Cash Pro service for businesses in the US has a 1.5% fee. That's actually not bad compared to most payment services. Both personal and business accounts send funds directly to the attached bank account and don't require that the other party has a Cash account or Cashtag.

Cash App
Cash App
Developer: Square, Inc.
Price: Free