Keep your eyes peeled for major changes to the Photos app and experience this week. A little birdie tells us that Google is preparing to shake things up, and all could be revealed in a few days. The changes will reportedly involve Photos and the associated auto-backup features currently built into Google+. What could it be?

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We recently uncovered some evidence in an APK Teardown that the auto-backup functionality could be moving into the Google Drive app. That would certainly qualify as a major change. As for the Photos app itself, it might be split off from Google+ and become its own app, possibly with a listing in the Play Store.

The upcoming change could also be something completely different, though. We'll have to wait and see what materializes, but it should be an interesting week.

As you might have figured out by now, the Photos announcement seems to have been delayed. We hear the best estimate now is a typical Google "soon."

Photos are now accessible in Drive

Google has announced that your auto-backup photos are now available in Drive. You should see all your photos there soon.

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