Google's Nexus Player listing on Amazon UK claims that the set-top box will be released to British customers on Thursday, March 26th. Further, the price will be £79.99, assuming Amazon is at least correct on that aspect. Why the uncertainty? Well, Amazon listings are not always the most reliable indicators of release dates. Still, this is a good sign for those in the UK that have been planning to buy a Nexus Player.


For its part, Google has not given any indication that Nexus Players are about to drop in Britain. The country availability page shows only US, Canada, and Japan as of the time of writing.


Of course, Google isn't necessarily as likely to offer pre-orders as Amazon is, especially just for the launch of a product in a new country. Whether or not March 26th is really the release date, chances are that Nexus Players will be available in the UK sooner rather than later. After all, it has been around in the US since November. Maybe the more important question is whether it is really better than the likes of Roku and Fire TV.

Amazon UK has removed the listing.

Shortly after we published, the link to Amazon UK went kaput. Indeed, it is no longer listed. There is a third-party seller pricing it at £115, but that is by no means official or necessarily legitimate. It may be the case that their listing was not supposed to be published this soon, scooping Google in the process. We will keep you posted.

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