The popular endless runner Fotonica has finally made its way to Android, popping up on the Play Store today after gaining popularity on desktop computers and debuting on iOS in late 2014. More than just another entry in a crowded space of similar games, Fotonica will surprise you with its details and polish. The simple, Tron-like interface of vector graphics is a refreshing departure from the typical cartoon look of competitors such as Temple Run. And rather than a maze of twists and turns, Fotonica has you move straight ahead at all times, with vertical movements providing the challenge.

fotonica2 fotonica1 fotonica3

On the far right above, you can see the split-screen multiplayer mode. This is an interesting idea, but it is probably better suited for tablets. Still, since the game works with just finger presses, it's not all that outrageous to think of playing with a friend.

As you typically see with running games, you can get pretty addicted to this one, especially as you're trying to get a hang of the controls. Learning to time jumps, which occur by lifting your finger, and their corresponding landings is the main skill here. It sounds simple, of course, but you will find yourself falling into the abyss more than a handful of times as you try to figure it out.

Steam users have recommended Fotonica at nearly a 90% clip for the desktop version on PC and Mac. For $1, the Android version is considerably less expensive to try. iOS users have given consistently high ratings as well since it debuted on that platform.

Price: $2.99