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How many times on the internet have you seen a contest that allows you to win a product before it's even announced? I mean, it happens, but not super often - let alone if we're talking about a new smartphone. Well, Huawei's going to let us give you the chance to do just that: win a smartphone that we don't even officially know exists yet. What phone is it? Well, if I told you, that would make this contest a little less special. So we won't tell you (I don't actually know what the phone is, either).

What I can tell you is that we're going to give away five of these unannounced phones, and that if everything goes according to plan, you'll have them in your hands before Huawei announces them to the public. You will, of course, be required to legally agree to something saying you won't talk about the phone to other people, post pictures of it on the internet, or sell it or whatever, but that's usually par for the course when you're getting a product before it's even announced.

To enter, you need to be a US resident - Huawei's running this program to get feedback from American consumers as part of its Friendly User Testing (FUT for short) initiative, which is a private community of trusted people who test Huawei products before they're released. You know, the kind of thing most of us wish we could be a part of.

Huawei will send you the phone with service (for a time) so you can start using it immediately to the jealousy of everyone who did not win said phone. How awesome is that? (Read: pretty awesome.) You'll get the device probably some time early in April (don't hold us to it - ship dates may vary a bit), but if all goes according to plan, you'll have the phone in-hand by the time Richard Yu goes on stage in London next month to announce it (purportedly).

So, get entering. You can also enter for a second chance to win by visiting the new Huawei Community (details on site).

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