How many USB ports are enough? Five? Ten? A million? You can get somewhere in the middle of that with the Yubi Power 40-port USB charging hub, which can be yours for a mere $43.95, down from a list price of $69. It's available with free Amazon Prime shipping too.

2015-03-20 15_55_20-Amazon.com_ Yubi Power 40 Port Universal USB Family Charging Tower Station w_ Su

This hub is a five-tiered tower, each one with 8 USB ports. The tower has a total capacity of 33.6A and can support as many as 16 devices at 2A or 40 at just 1A. Each section of the tower also has its own power switch so you won't be wasting energy on ports that aren't in use.


This sale makes the largest 40-port version cheaper than the next smallest 32-port Yubi Power hub. They go all the way down to 8 ports for $25, if you like the idea, but not the size.