OnePlus never met a product it couldn't portend in the most annoying way possible. So it is with the company's new "game changer," a device teased (where else?) on the official OnePlus forum. A representative says it's not a tablet or a smartwatch, and offers three teaser images to try and whet the appetites of potentially new and repeat customers. Let's have a look, shall we?


The first image shows just a red circle in HAL 9000 fashion. Creepy undertones aside, that seems to imply either an infrared sensor or a camera.


The second image is a trail of light lines making out the OnePlus logo. This would seem to back up the camera or sensor idea, perhaps with some kind of controller in the fashion of the PlayStation 3 Move. Note that the shapes are made from two sets of parallel lines - you can see what look like twin red LEDs at several points.


And the last image is a pair of hands most definitely not holding a controller. That implies something to do with motion tracking again, though now it's not quite clear whether OnePlus is referring to a non-traditional controller, like the Wii or the PS3 Move, or simply tracking the motion of a user's body, a la the Xbox Kinect.

So, what do we have here? All of this combines to imply some kind of set-top box solution. Here at AP we doubt that OnePlus will actually release its own game console, if only because the company simply doesn't have the resources to create one or fight in the trench warfare that is the ever-expanding console market. An accessory or a set of accessories that uses the OnePlus One as a hub to play games on a television sounds about right.

Let's speculate: perhaps the OnePlus Fun (which I have a sad suspicion will be the product's name) will be a gadget that sits on a TV with a camera or IR sensor pointed at the couch, plugging into the OPO via USB for power and processing and then going into the television via HDMI. That would leave the user sitting in front of the couch using either hand gestures or some kind of external controller to navigate the interface displayed onto the TV, not unlike the SHIELD's Console Mode with a Kinect twist. It could also be a stand-alone Chromecast-style gadget that takes input from the phone wirelessly, leaving the phone to function as the controller, like this recent Wii-style Chromecast game.

Or it could be a MOGA knockoff, or a OnePlus Game Store, or a series of vinyl phone skins that subtly rip off the original NES. Who really knows with OnePlus at this point? At least we won't have to wait too long to find out... though you might have to wait quite a while to be invited to buy whatever this thing is.