How many times have you looked at your Android Wear watch while it booted and thought, "Gosh darn it, that's a rrrrreally cool animation right there!" If you love that boot sequence, you probably get a tickle every time your battery dies or your watch updates and you see it starting up again. Boot Watch Face eliminates those requirements by using the animation each time you turn your watch on. Neat!

The super zen video above shows you everything you should expect from Boot Watch Face. It's very customizable with options to pick the clock hands colors and background (there's a cool "randomize" option too), change the needles' thickness (only when the watch is on — the ambient needles are very thin for my taste), remove the seconds ticker, and speed up the animation. By default, it will only play when you turn your watch on, but you can also enable it when going into ambient mode (though that seems to be buggy for me). A "glitch" effect is included, it shows a few misfires across the screen as if something went wrong. And finally, the app uses 60fps animations, but you can slow them to 35fps and even lower (all the way down to 5fps).

Boot Watch Face is developed by AQ who has built cool Wear apps like Advanced Wear Visualizer and faces like Void and HUD. It works on both square and round watch faces and costs $1 to load up on your watch.

Boot Watch Face
Boot Watch Face
Developer: AQ
Price: $0.99