On the off chance you've got Android Auto in your vehicle, you might be interested to know there's a developer mode built-in. Even if you don't have Android Auto yet, you might still be vaguely interested in an abstract sort of way. You can access it through the Android app and it only takes a few taps.

Screenshot_2015-03-19-11-07-08 2015-03-19 14.20.57 Screenshot_2015-03-19-11-07-34

If you've ever enabled developer mode on Android itself, this is going to sound familiar. Open the Auto app and tap on the header image about 10 times. You'll get a popup telling you that developer mode is accessible from the overflow menu. That's also where you'll find the option to leave developer mode.

Developer mode includes options like force logging, save video, and dump screenshot. We're still in the early days, so it's unclear if anything in this menu will be of use, but now you know it's there.

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  • Daniel Koman