Bad news, Europe. Global economic forces, combined with the uncertainty over planned quantitative easing have reduced the value of the Euro, resulting in lower buying power for European consumers. Oh, and a smartphone maker is raising its prices. Outrageous! OnePlus has announced an impending price increase for the One in Europe to compensate for the lower value of the currency, but you've got until March 25th to get the current price.


In the blog post announcing this change, OnePlus stresses that it's just a little startup trying to make ends meet. As it scrapes together enough money to pay the bills each month, the exchange rate with the Euro is causing its normally thin margins to evaporate. Therefore, the price is going up to €299 for the 16GB and €349 for the 64GB. Those are €30 and €50 increases, respectively. Accessories will not be changing in price, though.

You still need an invite to buy the One in Europe, but there's an open sale event coming on Tuesday, March 24th. On that day European buyers will be able to get the One at its current €269/299 price.