Part of Microsoft's push to get its software and services everywhere is the somewhat new Outlook app on Android. It's actually a rather solid app with some material elements, but it's still lacking in features as a "preview." The v1.1 update might patch some of those holes, though.


Here's the full changelog for Outlook v1.1.

  • Major improvements to the "People" feature!
    • We now sync your address books, as well as show the contacts that are on your phone.
    • View improved details for your contacts.
    • Call or email your contacts with a single tap.
  • Major improvements to the Calendar!
    • You can now view a 3-day view by turning your phone to landscape.
    • Improved performance.
  • Performance and stability improvements.

It's strange that Outlook couldn't reach out into the contacts of your phone before, but now it can. You can have those contacts pushed to your Outlook account or just use them on the phone. The landscape 3-day view is nice as well, but some reviews claim there are crashing issues with this feature. Outlook is free if you want to take another look at it.