OK, Google, let's have a talk. No, not the two of us. I mean, let me talk to someone else, using you. I heard you're willing to let me send Hangouts messages without opening the app now.

OK, Google, let me start over. No, no, no, that wasn't a command. Ugh, OK.

Google, send a hangouts message.


"Who do you want to message?"

Good, now we're getting somewhere.


"Say your message."

I'm at the grocery store now, but I forget which milk you wanted. Do you drink 2% or skim?

"Do you want to send this?"


"Sending message."

Yes, it worked! I can't wait to tell everyone who reads Android Police about this. Too bad I left my computer at home.

Wait, what am I thinking?

OK, Google, open WordPress.

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Price: Free
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