In what is becoming a tradition of sorts, Google is not letting an American holiday go by without a corresponding Hangouts Easter egg. When messages contain certain trigger words, users are greeted with corresponding animations to add a little spice to the conversation. Since their debut, we've seen the animated emoji people bring in the new year and celebrate Valentine's Day. Add St. Patrick's Day to the list! I've spotted three different versions so far.




Both sender and recipient should be greeted by these little leprechauns. Don't worry, the recipient won't see the animation until they open the app to read your message. While our screen captures are from Hangouts for Android, you will see the animations in the web app as well. Also, no updates are required to enjoy this one. The capability has been lying in wait for this very day.

Now, anticipation builds for the Easter eggs that will accompany...Easter.

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  • Ian McIlwraith