Square's app for ordering food and drinks ahead of time won't be helping people consume meals much longer. Square has removed the app from the Google Play, and it plans to shut down the service in just a matter of days.


Well, there's a minor caveat. While users won't be able to place orders from a mobile app, they will still have the ability to order items for pickup through Square on restaurants' websites. This way businesses can continue offering the perk to consumers who may not be ready to let go.

SquareOrder1 SquareOrder2

The latest version of Square Order for Android.

This news just affects the people of New York City and San Francisco, the only two metropolitan areas that the service supported. VentureBeat speculates that this action may have something to do with Caviar, a food-delivery startup Square recently acquired that operates in the cities of Boston, Brooklyn, Chicago, Los Angeles, Manhattan, Philadelphia, Portland, the San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle, and Washington DC.

Alternate title: Square Order Unavailability Expands To New York City And San Francisco