All of the writers and editors at Android Police are huge fans of Android and Google; it's more or less a requirement for the job. But we're also keenly aware of the things that Google does poorly, and duty-bound to point them out in the hope that they will improve. One of the more obvious areas where Google doesn't excel is customer support, but one of the latest changes to the site seems like a nice step forward.


Pages specifically related to the Play Store now include a user-facing profile of the technical writer who created them. This isn't an author profile like you'll see on a journalistic website: it's anonymized with first names only and an avatar made in the style of Androidify. But it should allow readers to more easily identify pages that are written with competence and thoroughness... or not. Oddly, the author profiles do not appear on non-Play Store pages in the other hubs of the larger Google support site.

To leave feedback for the author, click the "helpful" slider on the bottom of the page. If you click "not at all helpful," "not very helpful," or ""somewhat helpful," you'll see an expanded page to give further feedback with a few checkmark questions and (if you're feeling particularly un-helped) an area for text responses. While leaving feedback on an incorrect or uninformative article won't make it any better (at least not right away), it should help Google improve it in the future and enhance the output of its support writing staff.