I'm an American, and all of the people I know who are into cricket are immigrants. I would let them tell you all about the sport, but they're not the ones writing for AP, so I'll do what I can.

Basically, cricket is a sport that involves gloves and bats that isn't baseball.

Okay, now that we've gone over the basics, let's talk about Stick Cricket 2, the latest release in a very popular series of sports titles. Long story short, it's out (alright, it was never much of a long story to begin with). The new version is prettier, and it's packed with new gameplay even as the core mechanics remain familiar. You still control the batter, and you only need to tap left or right to swing at the appropriate time (presumably when you can hit the ball).

There are new game modes and plenty of unlockable gear, some of which you're more than welcome to spend money acquiring. Any purchase will remove the game's ads. You can walk onto the field looking as ridiculous as you want, with options to dress like a storm trooper, a clown, a bunny, or purple gorilla.

There's plenty to keep you occupied, and the game is free to download. So by all means, knock yourself out.

Stick Cricket 2
Stick Cricket 2
Developer: Stick Sports Ltd
Price: Free+