Direct carrier billing is one of the most convenient ways to buy apps and content from the Play Store. Instead of making sure you have a valid credit or debit card or trying to find gift cards or setting up a Paypal account, you can simply have the purchase amount billed with your regular mobile service.

In today's round of new carrier additions on the Google Play support pages we find the French company Free, Hungarian TMI (Magyar Telekom), Indonesian Telkomsel, Slovakian PPF (O2), and Taiwanese Taiwan Mobile. Most of these won't affect a lot of subscribers (Free: 9M - TMI: 5.4M - O2: 1.7M - Taiwan Mobile: 7.6M), but Indonesia's Telkomsel is really a big deal.

The operator has 139M subscribers as of Q4 2014 and is the 7th largest network in the world. It has accounted for over 20M Android users, who make up 55% of the total smartphone share on the network and are growing faster than other platforms. So this will potentially make it easier for millions of Indonesian Android fans to buy all of their content on Google Play — well, for a maximum of IDR 2M ($155) per day.

Happy purchasing everyone!

  • Thanks:
  • Yusuf Goolamabbas,
  • Tomas