The GoneMAD music player has recently (stop me if you've heard this one before) gone mad for material design in its big jump to version 2.0. The app isn't the glossiest or prettiest of the bunch, but it's a fresh upgrade that has spent the better part of a year in development.

The material theme provided out of the box is kind of basic, but the developers have seen fit to throw in over 1,000 themes to choose from. Some are material. Some are holo. Surely you can find something that pleases your aesthetic taste buds.

The changes aren't all surface level. Widgets have been overhauled, indexing should go along faster, and code has been cleaned up across the board.

What's new:

  • Massive UI Overhaul
  • Added 1000+ themes (both material and holo)
  • Widget overhaul with much more customization
  • Multiple select
  • Major code cleanup
  • Fast scroll indexer
  • Much more. See changelog for large list of changes

Those of you reading this who have yet to give GoneMAD a try may find now a good time to do so. Developer GoneMAD Software has placed the paid version on sale for just 99 cents. With a price like that, clearly it has gone mad (okay, something tells me you've heard that one already).