The DROID TURBO is a Moto X on steroids that comes in your choice of Verizon black or Verizon red. We've seen a previous leak showing that the carrier had a bluer variant on the way, and now it's here. Verizon Wireless announced today that the—wait for it—Sapphire Blue Ballistic Nylon DROID TURBO is ready for purchase.


The phone goes for $199.99 with new two-year activation or twenty-four $24.99 monthly payments with Verizon Edge. Customers who activate a phone with Edge or trade-in a device to get the DROID TURBO are eligible for a $100 bill credit.

As for how the phone looks, it's what happens when a Verizon employee takes the black Ballistic Nylon version, accidentally drops it in blue paint, and turns on a high-powered fan that manages to get most of it back off. The phone is dark blue, except for a bright ring around the camera lens.


That aside, it's the same phone as before. You can get it in stores or online from the Verizon Wireless website.

Press Release

DROID TURBO in Sapphire Blue Ballistic Nylon Now Available
New color model available for customers to choose from

Spring is around the corner. The days of hiding indoors from the cold weather and being outside more are nearly here. To celebrate spring’s arrival, the DROID TURBO with up to a 48 hour battery life is now available in a new color model – Sapphire Blue Ballistic Nylon. It’s available only from Verizon Wireless online and in stores starting today for $199.99 with new two year activation or $24.99 a month for 24 months on Verizon Edge.

And for a limited time, individuals can get a $100 bill credit with each new smartphone activated on Verizon Edge. Additionally, customers who trade in their old smartphone and purchase a DROID Turbo by Motorola with new two year activation will get $100. Trade-in must be in good working condition.

More outdoor activities means you may be relying on your smartphone’s battery more and spending less time around a power outlet. Sometimes you only have 15 minutes to spare before your next task or adventure. We’ve all been there. Having a DROID Turbo can get you up to 8 more hours of battery life in just 15 minutes when using the Turbo Charger. Here are some moments to turn into 15 minutes of charge and get the most out of your DROID.

When you…

  • Get home from work and rush to get ready for a night out with friends
  • Forget to plug in your phone before sleeping and only have a short time in the morning before class
  • Wait in between connecting flights at the airport
  • Have a full calendar except for tiny slots of 15 or 30 minutes
  • Are on driving duty as a parent and only have small intervals at home between ballet and soccer practice

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