One month ago, Sony announced the stainless steel version of its SmartWatch 3 Wear device would be hitting stores within a week. Then it just didn't. Here we are a month later with nothing to show for it. What gives, Sony?


We haven't been able to find any valid listings for the metal SmartWatch 3 in stock on an English site. Even Sony's Japanese store doesn't mention the device (but we are not fluent in Japanese, so Google Translate could just be dumb). There is a listing on MobileFun that shows as in-stock, but upon further investigation the part number doesn't match and MobileFun has a reputation for being very casual with use of the term "in stock."

The metal SmartWatch 3 is actually the same hardware with a different band and frame (the watch core is removable). I'm not sure what could be taking so long to produce. Sony was also supposed to release a custom holder attachment for the SmartWatch 3 that makes it possible to attach standard straps to the device. As you can probably guess, we haven't heard any specifics about that yet either. We asked Sony what's going on, and will update if we get a response.

Note: You can get it in The Netherlands for some reason.

Sony responds

Sony has responded to the apparent delay, saying that US consumers should see the watch sometime in April. A week, two months, whatever.

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